My Story, My Reason...

The Unique Niche Hand-of-Hope fills in our Community

HOH is partnered with Chef Five Minutes Meals (C5MM) in Piney Flats.  C5MM provide meals to HOH at reduced costs, donating the majority of meal costs in-kind. 

The UNIQUE thing about these specific meals is they are SELF-HEATING and PORTABLE. 

THAT is where HOH can make a HUGE impact in our community – by providing donated meals to agencies and workers that already help individuals and families in need.

Every day hundreds of social workers, home health providers, home service providers, and case workers are knocking on the doors of some of our most destitute people/families in our neighborhoods.

"The hardest part of my job was looking into the eyes of another human being,
saying I had nothing to help them immediately…"

Oh, I gave addresses and phone numbers for food pantries and shelters. 

Workers help people fill out forms to get services started. 

But, have nothing to give to them instantly to ease their present crisis.


YOU have made it possible for Hand-of-Hope to change that!!!

We have developed local COMMUNITY PARTNERSHIPS with the following agencies, just to name a few: 

-Alzheimer's Association

Appalachian Regional Coalition for Homelessness - ARCH

-TN DCS Case Workers

-DHS Adult Protective Service Workers

-Disabled Veterans of American

-ETSU Bucky’s Food Pantry

-First Tennessee Area Agency on Aging and Disabilities

-Home Instead

-Salvation Army

-Visiting Angels

Because of your help:

We have given out hundreds of meals in the past year. 

Workers are given meals boxes to carry in the trunks of their cars!

Now, when workers visit people door to door for their job, they can help families in crisis IMMEDIATELY!


Thanks to YOU!  Pat yourself on the back!  You are an unsung HEREO.


Thank you!

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