Homelessness is a worldwide situation that affects a wide array of the population from individuals and families to veterans and children. In 2015, Federal Funding to Address Homelessness totaled $4.5 billion. The United Nations Commission on Human Rights estimates that the world has 100 million homeless people. The United States alone has at least 700,000 people homeless on any given night.

Most people that experience homelessness do so while in an emergency shelter or transitional housing. However approximately 31 percent of the homeless population is unsheltered meaning they are living in a place unfit for human habitation such as the street, in a car, or in abandoned buildings. Some live in makeshift tents and form their own encampments.

Hand-of Hope has a goal to expand what we do in feeding the homeless to extend across the United States and around the world. We believe that we can help those that cannot help themselves. Everyone needs food to survive.

We cannot do this alone. Please consider helping us help those that cannot help themselves. Help us feed the homeless.