Our mission is to provide a cost effective, program and means for individuals, corporations, foundations and trusts to pool resources to meet the immediate need of the sheltered and unsheltered homeless population, those in financial crisis, as well as those suffering after a catastrophic event such as hurricanes, tornadoes, winter storms, typhoons, earthquakes and other acts of God. This will be accompanied by direct provision, or cost underwriting, of self-heating ready-to-eat meals and other food sources such as collaboration with food banks and pantries.


Portable, self­-heating MEALS will be there when those in dismay need them MOST.

With the help of volunteers and donors like you, we will be a Hand-­of-­Hope.  

We partner with local organizations that already have "boots on the ground" workers, going door to door, assisting those in need.



Hand­-of-­Hope believes corporate America and Individuals like YOU, are willing and WANT to participate in crisis and disaster relief.

We also know YOU want to KNOW your tax deductible contributions are achieving maximum IMPACT by feeding the maximum number of people possible.


Hand-of-Hope welcomes any questions you may have about our agency and MEAL program! 

                             We would LOVE to MEET with YOU and talk about the many exciting volunteer opportunities at Hand-of-Hope.

Whether you are:

- A STUDENT wanting experience to further develop your valuable skills;

A stay-at-home PARENT seeking to spend a few hours a week helping others;

Or seasoned VOLUNTEER interested in becoming a Board Committee Member;

Hand-of-Hope has a rewarding volunteer place for you.  

PLEASE Contact us TODAY.


Click here to see Hand-­of-­Hope Homeless Meals Project feature on Daytime Tri­-Cities!  

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