Hand­-of-­Hope believes corporate America and Individuals like YOU, are willing and WANT to participate in crisis and disaster relief.

We also know YOU want to KNOW your tax deductible contributions are achieving maximum IMPACT by feeding the maximum number of people possible.


We would LOVE to show you how we have an IN-KIND donated Project Coordinator, office and amenities, 

making sure the LARGEST amount possible (92%) of every dollar YOU donate goes directly to assist those in NEED! 

Your donation will be made to HAND-OF-HOPE, a program of United Charitable,

and deposited directly into Hand-of-Hope funds to provide donated meals to those in need.

ALSO - Save Money While Supporting a Great Cause

Shop 1000+ stores that give up to 10% of your purchases to Hand-of-Hope. Get coupons & discounts to save money while every purchase provides meals during natural disasters. Shop using our website, mobile app, or web app, and start making a difference when you shop!